Travel audience for French markets


Enavionsimone is the exclusive travel aadvertising agency own by Cityzeum Travel.


Each year, around 10 millions travelers visit our portals. Cityzeum is in the top 3 travel media website in France


We deliver various ads : native ads, article, brand content, 728*90 or 970*250 ads, full arch, 300*250 or 300*600 banners, sponsored links, sponsored banners, geolocalized ads, newsletter, activities ticketing…

Business model

Most of our approach is based on a click model (CPC) and cost per thousand


We work nearly exclusively with advertisers in leasure and travel industry : travel agencies, comparison tools, hotels / resorts / B&B, point of interest, activities,…

Traffic source

Our audience is 100% free, we do not buy any visitor. 80% is coming from search engines, on specific targeted requests.

Visitors profile

Most are women (65%), mobile (40%), high end revenus, based in France (80%). Most of our audience is French people traveling outside of France.


Our contents are exclusive : > 100 000 pages (professional contents, not UGC) , 600 hours MP3 visits (worldwide leader also in english and german), more than 2000 videos (worldwide leader). We also own a part of our texts in english, german and spanish.

The websites we manage . travel and hotel guide, top 3 in France : travel market place : direct hotel booking, commission free, leader in France


For any enquiry you may have, please contact us at or +33184168854 (French business hours GMT+1)